An unofficial collection of Tickit-related things

About Tickit and this widget collection

What is Tickit?

Tickit is the Terminal Interface Construction Kit. In short, it's a library for building terminal applications, similar to the curses library but with some improvements to make it more useful on modern terminals. It also plays nicely with event-driven, asynchronous systems such as IO::Async, POE or Reflex.

What's this site for?

This is an interim set of pages intended as a place to hold some work-in-progress widgets which aren't complete enough to be uploaded to CPAN. Currently the focus is on Perl widget implementations, although note that the underlying Tickit library isn't just restricted to Perl — most of the core pieces have been ported to C.

What about Windows?

There are some workarounds for adding ANSI support for cmd.exe, some of them might even make Tickit usable on the Windows console. Cygwin may be a better bet.