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Here's some widgets which might be of use when developing Tickit applications. If you don't know what Tickit is, then they may not be so useful: Tickit is a library for building terminal applications, follow the about link for links to more information.

The following widgets are available directly from CPAN:

Widget Version Description
Tickit::Widget::Tabbed 0.001 Tabbed panels, sometimes referred to as a 'notebook' container
Tickit::Widget::Progressbar 0.001 Horizontal and vertical progress indicators, also used as the base for slider widgets
Tickit::Widget::SparkLine 0.001 Graphs. Small ones.
Tickit::Widget::Tree 0.001 Tree navigation, as used in file managers and data structures
Tickit::Widget::Table 0.001 Tabular layouts

There are also some more experimental widgets which haven't made it to CPAN yet:

Widget Version Description
Tickit::Widget::Statusbar 0.001 Simple status bar implementation, including a clock, message area and dockable area for other things
Tickit::Widget::Menubar 0.001 Half-hearted attempt at a menu implementation
Tickit::Widget::LogPanel 0.001 Display warnings and other log messages in a panel so you can see what's happening